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Newly Acquired Autos

People typically buy an auto to replace an older vehicle or one that has been lost or damaged. More often than not, they upgraded— from a motor vehicle to a new one or from a lower price auto to a more expensive car. Physical damage coverage on the motor vehicle might have been dropped, but the higher value of the new vehicle and usually the loan or lease are likely to make costlier physical damage coverage necessary on the newer vehicle. Liability coverage, on the other hand, it Is much the same, and usually cost about the same, regardless of the vehicle age. The newly acquired auto definition in the personal auto policy is designed to handle real-world dynamics by providing, at the minimum, a few days automatic coverage for the insured to bring the car home and report to the insurer. 

If you live in Beckley West Virginia or surrounding areas and have recently purchased a new vehicle now is the time to review your personal auto insurance. We offer a wide range of private auto insurance in Beckley West Virginia. If you need more information on newly acquired autos, we are glad to discuss it with you in great detail.