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Commercial Property Protection

It is important for underwriters to understand the extent and capability of the fire protection that is available to control and extinguish a fire. Adequate fire protection with early detection can significantly reduce the amount of fire damage. The analysis encompasses the adequacy of the following: 

Fire department: 
The insurance services office grades the fire departments. The gradings range from one to ten. One represents the best grading available, and ten represents that there is no public protection available to extinguish a fire. 
Water supply:
The location should have adequate water system available every day of the year. If a locations water supply is inadequate either permanently or seasonally the protection class for the location must be revised to reflect the least amount of protection available to that location. 
Fire extinguishers: 
Fire extinguishers help control small fires and prevent incipient fires from gaining headway and becoming a severe event. Fire extinguishers are classed based on the type of combustibles they can extinguish. 
Many of these factors and several other are factors when determining risk for a specific business. If you need commercial insurance property for your business, Songer Insurance Agency has some of the most experienced agents in Beckley West Virginia and surrounding areas. Please visit us located at 2955 Robert C. Byrd Dr. Beckley West Virginia. We’re confident we can properly insure your financial investment and be a lifetime advisor to you and your company.