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Insurance For First Time Homeowners

Owning your first home is one of the most exciting and most significant accomplishments in life. It is a memorable time and something to be proud of. With this excitement comes the responsibilities of maintaining and insuring the home. While we can’t help with the maintenance, we can help you understand and adequately insure your new home.

What Does Home Insurance Cover: Homeowners insurance is a broad policy that covers the structure of your home against losses like fire, theft, vandalism, and other weather-related losses. You also have coverage for liability for injuries to others while visiting your property, such as slip and fall claims or even dog bites. It is essential to understand that losses from floods and earthquakes are typically excluded from the standard homeowner’s insurance policy. You can get a separate policy for these types of damages.

What Does Home Insurance Cost: The cost of a homeowner’s insurance policy varies on several factors, including your credit history, your previous loss history (dog bites or liability, or property loss claims), the value of your homes, and any scheduled property like jewelry and art. Our agency can give you exact numbers, and because we’re an independent insurance agency, we can compare several home insurance companies at once for you to find the right coverage at the right price.

Does Home Insurance Cover Detached Structures? If your home has a detached garage or other detached structure like a home office or art studio, your policy can include things like “Other Structures Coverage.” Talk to an agent to learn more about insuring your detached structures.

Are My Personal Items Covered?  Homeowner's policies come with personal property coverage. This amount varies by company and can be increased with most companies. Be sure that the amount of coverage you select for personal property is sufficient for the items you own.

Are Dogs okay? Most dog breeds are okay to be covered under the liability portion of your home insurance policy. Some dog breeds such as Pit Bulls, Akitas, and other dogs are classified as dangerous and may be excluded from coverage. Check with your insurance carrier for a list of breeds they will not insure.

Many options and additional coverages are available for home insurance that is not included in a standard home insurance policy. Check with a licensed agent in our office for other coverages you may want to add with your new home. Again, congratulations on your original home purchase, and if we can help you in any way, please let us know. We appreciate the opportunity to be your homeowner's insurance agent.